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          Headshot of Liz Howard, Sheridan's new Writer in 住宅

          The faculty, staff and students of the Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing & Publishing (CW&P) program at Sheridan College are excited to welcome poet Liz Howard as their inaugural writer-in-residence for the Winter 2020 semester.

          霍华德的登场集, 摇动帐篷无限公民 (McClelland & Stewart), won the 2016 Griffin Prize, was shortlisted for the Governor General’s Award和 was named a 环球邮报 前100名的书。她最近的和正在进行的工作,发表在 加拿大艺术, 诗刊最佳加拿大诗2018. Lauded by CW&P’s Associate Dean, Genevieve Amaral, as “a powerful new voice in Canadian poetry, [Howard] has a commitment to her craft and a passion for engaging aspiring creatives that will add a tremendously valuable element to our students’ experience.” Howard will spend her time at Sheridan completing a personal writing project, visiting various writing and publishing classes, leading public workshops, and providing creative leadership, mentoring, and public outreach to and on behalf of the program and school. The Sheridan community welcomes her with full hearts, open ears, and pens, paper和 keyboards at the ready!


          The CW&P Writer-in-住宅 program supports an annual non-teaching, community- and culture-building fixed-term position designed to complement existing CW&P programming and curriculum.

          谢里登 创意写作和出版的荣誉学士学位 是其创作和出版的融合在加拿大是独一无二的。学生在各种写作体裁和媒体平台,和研究生与9月份为他们全面的技能,准备各种不同的职业路径的积累经验。该计划的专家教授已经集体撰写,编辑出版每一个流派,从历史小说到科幻,创造性非小说类儿童上火和超越。

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